Some of the 2020 Youth Leadership Institute Participants

Being a part of the BRIDGES Youth Institute was a life changing experience. I learned so much and got to meet wonderful students who had the same beliefs and goals I did.”


Learn how to create respect & equality for ALL people in Orange County this summer

In 2020, the BRIDGES Youth Leadership Institute became a month-long, bi-weekly interactive online institute that brought together 49 diverse students from over 30 high schools across 16 cities in Orange County to participate in activities, dialogues and skill building exercises about human relations and social justice issues. Students learned the skills to organize youth, take a stand against hate and injustice and create schools and communities that are safe and equitable for ALL.

YLI camps are offered to all Orange County high school students who are interested in social justice issues and would like to play a leadership role in the future. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • 6 Steps of Kingian Non-Violence
  • Foundations of Community Organizing
  • Restorative justice practices: community building, circle keeper, & everyday restorative dialogue

For more information, please contact Marco – [email protected]

Camp grads also have the opportunity to join the Human Relations Ambassadors’ Program (HRAP) a BRIDGES youth leadership group.