“Joining HRAP has been a life changing experience”

Joining HRAP has been a life changing experience. Through facilitating workshops, planning events, and leading meeting. I have learned and gained the real skills of good leader. It is through this organization that I have discovered the leader in me and because of staff who never doubted in my potential. They are friends who have encouraged me to be the best and due to their great support, I was courageous enough to go to Berkeley because I know I was ready and prepared to leave high school.

– Linda Sanchez, UC Berkeley Class of 2013, major: Political Science/Chicano Studies

I learned to appreciate everything. I found new ways to look at life and look at things from a different perspective. I got to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends, all of which helped me grow more as a person and also become better and more self aware of my community. The topics we talked aren’t usually taught in school so I enjoyed that I got to learn something that my peers didn’t know about, so that I could spread the word and make OC a better place to live.Victoria, Fountain Valley High School Student, 2019

Through HRAP, I learned how to dialogue and facilitate dialogue on human relations issues relating to personal identities such as race, sexuality, gender, ability, educational background, class, etc. HRAP introduced me to voicing my passions about human relations issues, motivating me to become a better community leader and voice for the voiceless. – Linn,  1st Year Chapman University Student, 2019

HRAP is a unique program that promotes acceptance and diversity. It has had a huge positive impact on my life and has opened my eyes to so many of society’s issues and has inspired me to take action. I will always be grateful to this wonderful program.

Susie Toumanian, UC Berkeley Class of 2013, major: Political Science

The many opportunities HRAP gave me to do presentations and otherwise practice public speaking have proven to be invaluable. I am comfortable and experienced whenever I have to do presentations. Also, the tools I learned, people I got to know and experiences I had in HRAP have prepared me extremely well for combating the hateful attitudes of my peers in college. I live in an unfortunately close minded community and it is only because of my HRAP background that I am able to confront these kinds of situations.

– Shiri Yadlin, Washington and Lee University Class of 2012, major: Politics and Religion

Public Speaking opportunities prepared me for college and for speaking engagements (including speaking to Congressmen and Senators) • Leadership experiences prepared me for leadership in the military including leading 1,100 people • The military introduces you to people of all walks of life. My time in HRAP gave me the tools to build teams and complete the mission with people who had no common background or experiences.

– Roni Yadlin, Graduated US Air Force Academy Class of 2009, major: Astronautical Engineering

“I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today, and where I am today, if it wasn’t for the OC Human Relations Ambassadors Program.  It is an amazing program that I think every student should be a part of; it definitely opened my eyes to important issues and provided a safe place to be able to talk about these issues and how we youth can be proactive to solve them.”

Jessica Gutierrez, John Hopkins University, Class of 2011