Human Relations Awards

Our annual Human Relations Awards Gala honors those in our community for their outstanding human relations efforts. Awardees include individuals, model community policing programs, and exemplary school programs that create safe and inclusive environments for Orange County’s students and residents.

BRIDGES School Program

Our award winning School Intergroup Relations program is a multi-year program with the mission of improving inter-group relations by partnering with schools and communities to create, advocate for and sustain a safe, inclusive and equitable school environment.

Community Building

Our Community Building program works with Orange County’s diverse communities to navigate the challenges that demographic changes present as well as dealing with the resistance and conflict that can arise amongst different communities. We envision and create a future where everyone is valued, included, and respected.


Mediation Services provides mediation and conciliation services for conflicts to be settled in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. Through Mediation, we can bring about social and personal change to improve the quality of life in our community.

Hate Crime Prevention

OC Human Relations considers bias-motivated crime an important indicator of bigotry and discrimination in our communities. We track Hate Crimes in an effort to assist victims and make strides to build and increase intergroup understanding in Orange County.

Police Community Relations

Our Police Community Relations program is designed to assist community members in navigating and understanding the OC Sheriff’s complaint process by providing an opportunity for deputies and community members to come together, with the guidance of a mediator, to resolve complaints. The program is a collaborative effort by OC Human Relations and the Orange County Sheriff’s Departments’ Internal Affairs Division.