OC Human Relations Commission Releases the 2013 Hate Crime Report


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Click here to access a PDF of this press release. Click here to read the 2013 Hate Crime Report.

The 2013 Orange County Hate Crime Report shows an increase in violent hate crimes, or crimes against people and a decrease in crimes against property like vandalism. “We cannot stand for violence of any kind and violence motivated by hate is no exception. The Commission believes that a crime against one of us, is a crime against all of us, this report tells us that we must remain vigilant in our work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in Orange County”, said Commission Chair Ken Inouye.

The 23rd annual OC Human Relations Commission Hate Crime Report is based on our collaboration between OC law enforcement agencies and community organizations. The focus of the report is bias related crime called “Hate Crime” which is motivated by the perpetrator’s perception of the victim’s race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability status.

“Our continued and collaborative efforts to create peace by promoting mutual understanding and respect in our neighborhoods may be the most powerful way to prevent crime and victimization. This report is an important reminder to us all that we still have work to do and that one hate crime is one too many.” Said David L. Maggard Jr., Chief of Police, City of Irvine and Orange County Human Relations Commissioner.

1. Over all Hate Crime in Orange County fell nearly 20% in 2013. 49 reported in 2013, down from 61 reported in 2012.
2. Hate Crime is down almost half from a decade ago in 2004.
3. Violent Hate Crime is UP in Orange County. The overall reduction in hate crime is due to reduced vandalism. Hate Crimes against persons are actually up from 24 in 2012 to 28 in 2013.

African Americans
• 11 African American down from 13 in 2012
• Lowest number of hate crimes against African Americans in a decade.
• Consistently the most frequent victim of Hate Crime

LGBT Community
• 7 Sexual Orientation motivated hate crimes down from 13 in 2012
• Maybe reflective of increased acceptance of the LGBT community

• 5 Jewish motivated hate crimes down from 11 in 2012

• 6 Muslim or Arab motivated hate crimes up from 4 in 2012

• Traditionally a low reporting community due to immigration status concerns
• Latino motivated reported hate crimes down to 3 from 6 in 2012.

Asian/White/Christian and Other
• Low numbers consistently

1. This report of hate crime may seem like a bunch of numbers to some in our cities, but each number represents a time when one of our neighbors was singled out, because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their beliefs, or other inalienable aspect of their being, and harmed. LIKE:
a. The synagogue that was defaced with Swastikas, OR
b. The African American man assaulted and choked while being called “N—-r”, OR
c. The Muslim woman whose hijab was ripped from her head as epithets were screamed at her, OR
d. The Gay man punched in the stomach and called “F—-t” as he was warned to stay away from the neighborhood or be killed; OR
e. The Latino man called a “W-t b–k” and cursed and threatened with murder; OR
f. The Asian youth called “G–k” while a knife was pulled on him.

2. The OC Human Relations Commission, on behalf of the OC Board of Supervisors, OC Police and Sheriff’s departments, and the diverse residents of this community stand in unity today to say that,
 In this 50th Anniversary of the Civil Right Act we still fall short of equality.
 We must document this bias related crime, and tell the stories of those singled out as targets of these hate motivated attacks.
 We must educate our community about the harassment and violence some in our community are facing due to arbitrary aspects of their beings.
 We must stand together to support hate crime victims, prosecute perpetrators, and prevent hate crime in the future by bringing diverse residents together to learn about their commonality.

Click here to access a PDF of this press release. Click here to read the 2013 Hate Crime Report.

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