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October 4, 2013

Carol Turpen, Chair of the Orange County Human Relations Commission condemns the anti-Semitic and anti-Gay remarks of William Fitzgerald at the Public Comments section of the Anaheim City Council meeting on September 30, 2013. While the Commission affirms the first amendment right of Mr. Fitzgerald to make these odious comments, we also have a right to object to the message he chooses to share.

Mr. Fitzgerald, blamed “greedy, scheming, malicious Jews” for the holocaust, and called Councilmember Brandman that type of “evil Jew,” like the “Jewish leadership of the Disney corporation” whose money, he said, elected Brandman. He ended his bigoted rant with the comment that “Jordan Brandman is one sick faggot.”

Commission Chair, Carol Turpen stated, “This type of hate and bigotry is unwelcome in Orange County where we set our community standard higher, expecting respect for those with whom we may have passionate political disagreements.”

Turpen went on to say, “This individual spewed this tirade at a televised public meeting of the Anaheim City Council, thereby ensuring that thousands of people would be exposed to his bile. His comments dishonored by association the veterans, homeowners, and others gathered to express their heartfelt opinions at this public forum.”

Turpen added, “The OC Human Relations Commission speaks for the overwhelming majority of the residents of this great county when we say that we categorically reject this aberrant behavior and mean-spirited bigotry. Further the Commission calls on all public agencies to stand together in rejecting and condemning this type of hate filled rhetoric whenever it appears to denigrate our public processes.”

The OC Human Relations Commission will address this topic at its meeting on October 10, 2013.

To download a PDF of this statement, click here.