by Christopher Nguyen

Life flashed before my eyes.
One could not believe everyone and everything surrounding them
It was as if a predator sneaked up from behind and consumed the world
This was happening under their very nose
One could not grasp the thought of the problems faced in my community
One could not understand and realize the aggravation it has caused
The difference between people, thus creating barriers
Further and further destroying the life and society people have built upon

A different religion, a different race, a different opinion, a different idea
A cry for help as more conflicts arise and no one to shut down these beliefs
Separation and ideas are formed now
One must fight back to show the world everyone is not different in a bad way

Walking on the streets of the community
One must stop and think: Can this be true?
Is this what is happening behind the scenes of a gentle neighborhood
The horror, disbelief, One must stop this nonsense

One must realize the damage is done, there is no turning back
One must press on and change the biased views and stereotypes
The society works upon the people in it and working as one
One cannot look away at this problem, but face it and find solutions
This is called a society only if people acknowledge this dilemma