by Andy Tovar

And still
They spend
Their days standing
And standing some more
On the streets
As if they
Were waiting
-waiting for a car
of change
to pull up
and take them away.

Poor parents
Struggle with money
To feed their kids.
Struggle with money
To pay rent
For that
One-room apartment
That gets smaller
And smaller everyday
As if the parents
Did not pay the rent.

Some families get out
And move
Farther away from
The Happiest Place.
Parents say,
“I’m happy that
I got my kids away
From the bad influences.”

Am I
A bad influence?
I just live close
To the Happiest Place,
And I get to see
The fireworks from
My home,
And I get to dream,
And I get to hope,
And I get
to work hard
To be able
To cross the street
To the Happiest Place.