“We know that there are real divisions in our Country right now; real anger, real fears. We will not let these divisions defeat or take away from our core values and beliefs. We believe all people should live free of violence and discrimination and we believe in an Orange County that thrives, not despite our differences, but because of them.” – Alison Edwards, Deputy Director, OCHR

We hope you enjoy this newly created video that describes the philosophy and work of OC Human Relations and that provides examples of the type of situations OC Human Relations assists with. The video first aired at Awards 46 on May 4, 2017.

Production Credits:

Production Team:

Barbara Hunt, Don Han, Alison Edwards, Melissa Morgan & Eli Reyna

Art Design:

Susan Reese

Production Assistant:

German Palacios


Eli Reyna, Buendia Productions

“We are out in your cities and schools every day, working to unite this County.” – Alison Edwards, Deputy Director, OCHR