As 2020 began we wore out the word “pivot”. As we get closer to the end of this year “unprecedented” is now the word of the moment.  We are grappling with a third wave of record breaking Covid-19 numbers, we have an unresolved election, and no one can say for sure when either will end.  

In the midst of these unprecedented times, we are called to stay true to our values that have moved us to fight for safe and inclusive communities. It is a time to resist the rhetoric that asks us to dehumanize one another and turn our backs on those who are different.  

This is the time for us to do all we can to care of ourselves and others. We can take care of each other by being patient, trusting in our democracy and keeping our faith in fair and transparent elections. We can take care of each other by continuing our journey toward equity and justice.

Regardless of the outcome of our local and national elections, there will still be work to do and our nation will still need each of you to stay engaged and to keep pushing change forward.  We can take care of ourselves by taking periodic breaks from the news, taking a breath or a walk or even a nap and we take care of ourselves by doing our best to be healthy and keep our friends and neighbors healthy by taking precautions against spreading this virus.  

OC Human Relations is grateful for your support. We will continue to bring people together, to empower a generation of leaders who stand up against racism and discrimination, and to be a place where all people who believe in safe and inclusive communities will be welcomed.  

Stay resilient, stay empathetic, stay human. 

Alison Edwards,
CEO, OC Human Relations