Update, June 11, 2013: Final Listening Session Report Released. Click here to read it.

In late 2012 and early 2013 the OC Human Relations Commission held a series of ”Listening Sessions” across the county, inviting African-American community members to share their stories, challenges, and celebrations of living in Orange County. The “Listening Sessions” were prompted by the experiences of an African-American family who were targeted by hate in Yorba Linda.

In order to share the experiences and findings that came out of the Listening Sessions a report has been produced that includes analysis and recommendations for moving forward and continuing to the pursue the mission of the Commission – to eliminate prejudice, intolerance and discrimination.

On March 14th at 7pm, OC Human Relations held public forum to offer an opportunity for residents to give feedback on the draft report. A draft of the report was posted for the public to review. To read anOC Register report of the Public Forum, click here.

  1. The report is very detailed and captures the emotion behind the stories told. Well done. Please add Mission Viejo to the community members represented. I attended the Irvine session.

    • Thank you for reading the report Beth, we will make that update.

  2. Thank you for your work on these critical issues. The report is informative and provides useful context. I believe the OC juvenile court is currently involved in efforts to address disproportionate minority contact (like many counties around the state and nation). Perhaps it would be worth engaging the court in this broader effort to address racial justice in OC, especially since this institutional context (juvenile justice) links others of concern (e.g., schools, profiling). I could attempt to identify a contact person in the court if that would be helpful.

    • Geoff – thanks for that insight. We will keep it mind as we move forward.

  3. Shame they didn’t bother coming to the Anaheim/ Buena Park area. Shame more that they limited this to people with ties to Black churches. Believe it or not, not every Black person is tied to a Christian church.

    • Karen – Thank you for your comments. It is always a challenge figuring out the best way to reach out to any racial or ethnic community across our county. Our hope was that by featuring the Listening Sessions in the media, holding a public forum and allowing feedback via our website that we would connect with people who are not tied to any of our partner churches.

      We are still finalizing the report and would welcome any feedback that you have about the content.

      Again, thank you for your comments, we will certainly keep them in mind for future sessions.