On June 7, 2017, the seventeen members of OC Human Relations HRAP (Human Relations’ Ambassadors Program) graduated in a special ceremony hosted by the Orange County’s Credit Union and supported by Community Partner, Greg McQuater.

The Human Relations’ Ambassadors Program is a year long internship designed to provide advanced human relations training to a diverse group of Orange County youth who are members of their school’s BRIDGES Program. Students meet monthly to discuss human relations issues, learn new activities and develop workshop and community presentations. HRAP furthers the mission of OC Human Relations by serving as youth representatives of the agency at community events as participants, presenters and facilitators.

“Experience and Confidence are a winning combination! However, on those few occasions when you lose, don’t lose the lesson!”
-Greg McQuater, Community Partner

OC Human Relations Deputy Director, Alison Edwards provided the opening remarks and former OC Human Relations staffer, Melissa Montano-Ochoa, delivered the evening’s keynote speech. This was followed by the introduction of the 2017 graduates, they are:

Janeth Santiago
Newport Harbor High School, Senior
Elizabeth Suarez
Garden Grove High School, Senior
Linda Tang
Huntington Beach High School, Junior
Abraham Vicente
Western High School, Senior
Christian Yassa
Newport Harbor High School, Senior
Jose A La Torre
Newport Harbor High School, Senior
Camilo Delgado
Newport Harbor High School, Senior
Roxana Franco
Garden Grove High School, Senior
Andrea Garcia
Garden Grove High School, Senior
Destiny Lopez
Mission Viejo High School, Senior
Nikki Mauvais
Coastline Community College, College Student
Maryfer Mendoza
Cypress High School, Senior
Wendy Pascual
Newport Harbor High School, Junior
Casey Geng
Marina High School, Senior
Antonio Gomez
Newport Harbor High School, Senior
Emily Gonzalez
Western High School, Senior
Tommy Lee
Servite High School, Senior

Comments from some of the Grads on their most memorable moments:

” …having the opportunity to emcee at this event (Walk In My Shoes) gave me a joyful feeling of being happy …that there are youth in the community that care for a change and that are passionate for what they stand.” – Abraham Vicente, Western High School

“…giving my fellow HRAP-ers a presentation on anti-homeless, or “hostile,” architecture and facilitating a discussion. That day, several other homelessness activists were invited to speak, too, and we had very eye-opening discussions.” – Linda Tang, Huntington Beach High School

“Ultimately, HRAP was one of the best moments of my high school career. It educated me that humans are capable of change and we can educate others with effort.” – Tommy Lee, Servite High

For more information about HRAP please visit our website page or contact Julie Vue at 714.480.6596