Orange County Human Relations Commission denounces violence and hate in schools and community-at-large

(February 10, 2022) For many, the new year comes as a time of hope; an opportunity to try again. However, recently there have been hate incidents in our South Orange County schools that have served as tragic reminders that our children are not immune from the cruel treatment of others.

While these occurrences are not the norm, according to the California Healthy Kids Survey responses, one third of seventh graders and one in four eleventh graders reported being harassed due to perceived race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or disability. (California Healthy Kids Survey, Orange County, Main Report 2017-2018. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, children and teens who are bullied can
experience long term physical effects including brain functioning. While recent events have taken place at school, we know events take place also in the community as well as online. We have a responsibility to identify the root causes of these hate incidents to assure that our children grow up to be the best versions of themselves. We condemn these incidents, but not the people involved, because the only way to heal is to rebuild together. We pledge to work with the community to address the root causes of hate.

The mission of the Orange County Human Relations Commission is to “seek out the causes of tension and conflict, discrimination and intolerance and attempt to eliminate those causes.” We believe in everyone is right to live free of racism, hate, discrimination, and bigotry not only in Orange County but beyond.These types of repugnant acts of hate speech and racism demonstrate the need to assess our past, acknowledge past instances of hate, intolerance, and racism and recommit to the promotion of tolerance, equity and condemning all types of hate.

If you have been a victim or know someone who has been a victim of a hate incident, please call Orange County Human Relations confidential hotline at 714-480-6580 or via our online portal at

For more information: Contact: Norma López (714) 480-6594 |

This document does not represent an official county position and has not been approved or endorsed by the County of Orange or the Orange County Board of Supervisors.