kNOwHATE is an education and awareness campaign created by OC Human Relations to promote the importance of diversity and eliminate prejudice, intolerance and discrimination.

Since 1991, OC Human Relations has been dedicated to partnering with schools to create and sustain campus communities that are safe, respectful and connected. Our hope is that a positive school climate can be attained and maintained through a collaborative effort of students, parents, educators and community partners. Whether it be bullying, harassment, intergroup tension or simply trying to shift to a culture of more kindness, OC Human Relations believes that traditional and nontraditional student leaders have the most power…to be agents of change and culturemakers that can ultimately create the best environment for all people—not just in schools, but in our communities.

We believe everyone should live free of violence and discrimination, but sadly, not all people agree. Over the last several years, divisive rhetoric has increased the acceptance of biased speech and hate crimes and incidents across our nation. Watching hate activity escalate around us, we decided to do something about it. The kNOwHATE Campaign is an education and awareness initiative created by OC Human Relations to promote the importance of diversity and eliminate prejudice, intolerance and discrimination.

In partnership with a new California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) grant, we are able to expand this campaign to include a new kNOwHATE toolkit and training for educators, youth service providers and youth to support schools in the effort to combat hate and hate group affiliation amongst youth throughout our state.

Education. Awareness-building efforts. Storytelling. Practical prevention strategies. These are the tools we’ll use to spark a conversation and a sustained effort among everyday community members to combat hate through connection, collaboration and action. In order to make a change, we recognize that education is the first step: We must first know what hate looks like, understand who it impacts and learn how to talk about it. Then change things for the better. Together, we can create an inclusive place for all of us to live, go to school, work and play.

A new website – – has recently been launched to help promote kNOwHATE and to share resources (including the above-mentioned “toolkit”) and information about upcoming trainings and events. On the site, you’ll learn about the April 30, 2020, Day of kNOwHATE, which invites schools, groups and individuals to join a youth-led day of action to take a stand against hate and bias.

If you’d like more information about kNOwHATE or If you are outside of Orange County and are interested in hosting a free training on the kNOwHATE Toolkit and hate crime intake, please contact Seema Shah at or 714-480-6578

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