OC Human Relations is seeking a Human Relations Specialist to join our nationally-recognized BRIDGES Safe and Respectful Schools Program. Accepting applications until position filled.

Job Posting: Human Relations Specialist – BRIDGES Safe & Respectful Schools Program

Accepting applications until position filled.
Send cover letter and resume to: Gagandeep Kaur Mann-Saechao, Assistant Director of Youth and Education Programs

The BRIDGES Safe and Respectful Schools Program is a nationally-recognized program serving Orange County schools for over 25 years. We work with student and educator leaders to build campus environments that are respectful of diversity, where ALL students, staff and parents feel safe, welcome and respected. We offer conferences, workshops, leadership institutes and internships to support our work in schools across the county.

Bridges empowers members of the campus community to identify, investigate and address the human relations needs on their campus via trainings and dialogues. They acquire the skills to work with a diversity of people while improving the human relations climate on campus and addressing student success and opportunities. Their worlds grow larger as they are exposed to different people, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Under the supervision of the Assistant Director, Youth and Education Programs, implementation of the Bridges program in schools throughout the county, will include, but not limited to: working with students and educators to create safe and respectful schools and improve school climate; developing student and staff leaders; facilitating human relations retreats, meetings and trainings/workshops with youth and educators; developing school-wide campaigns/initiatives to improve school climate; mediating conflict; practicing and implementing restorative practices, and addressing community harm on campus. Human Relations Specialists also assist in researching and initiating action toward solving community problems pertaining to interethnic relations, intergroup understanding, provide assistance to diverse community groups and do other work as required. The Human Relations Specialist will also work alongside Assistant Director in various programs including, but not limited to, the Human Relations Ambassador Program, Walk in My Shoes Youth Conference, Youth Leadership Institute, and Social Justice Education Series.

BA/BS degree from an accredited college or university or similar experience or 2 years of equivalent experience which demonstrates knowledge and abilities below.

General Knowledge of:
• Human and civil rights issues that different racial, ethnic, religious, LGBTQ+, immigrant communities, among others, are facing
• Youth leadership development techniques geared toward diverse student populations
• Leadership development techniques geared toward training diverse groups of low-income people
• Dialogue and workshop facilitation and preparation skills

Some Knowledge of:
• Methods teaching cross-cultural relations and respect towards all people regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or marital status
• Dynamics of intergroup relations, problem solving techniques, mediation/conciliation methods
• Restorative justice and restorative practices
• Community organizing theory and strategies

Ability to:
• Work with to center and cultivate the power in youth
• Work with K-12 educators, the greater school community, and stakeholders
• Communicate with grass roots community people in a non-patronizing manner
• Work with diverse groups of individuals to promote cooperation and mutual understanding
• Deal tactfully with sensitive problems involving divergent viewpoints
• Understand and be able to teach the decision-making process of institutions to community groups
• Prepare comprehensive written and oral reports
• Investigate and analyze human relations problems
• Identify and dispel stereotypes about different groups
• Ability to communicate and work with Staff and Administrators on campus
• Ability to work independently in a virtual and in-person setting

This position is a full-time position, 40 hours a week. The starting annual salary range for this position is $48,000.00- $51,651.00 based on experience.
Full benefits include health, dental, 401(k), life insurance, 9 sick days, 16 paid holidays, 10 paid vacation days, and others.

Organizational Profile: www.ochumanrelations.org

At OC Human Relations we believe ALL people have a right to live free from discrimination and violence based on any aspect of their being.

Founded in 1991 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, OC Human Relations is a nationally recognized leader in creating safe, inclusive schools and communities, developing diverse leaders, mediating conflict and building respect and inclusion among all people.

OC Human Relations helps shape the future through innovative programs like BRIDGES Safe and Respectful Schools, Police/Community Reconciliation, #HateFreeOC, Restorative Justice, Intergroup Dialogues, Hate Crime documentation, Police training in Implicit Bias, Immigrant Parent Leadership Institute, Community Building, Diverse Leadership Development, Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

OC Human Relations is an equal opportunity employer.

The Orange County Human Relations Council is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization

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