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Celebrating diversity, justice and the human spirit— the essence of our now-canceled annual AWARDS event— remains as important as ever. As Orange County’s lead agency in fostering respect, preventing hate and building community, your support in this work is crucial in addressing the rise of hate and disconnection in our county. We ask for your financial support.

While the 2020 Human Relations AWARDS event is canceled on May 7, we will recognize honorees later in 2020.

Please support OC Human Relations’ Spring Fundraising Campaign. Help us reach our goal of $175,000 by clicking on Donate Now! below and making your gift of any amount by May 31 at 5:00 P.M. (PDT).

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Questions? Please contact Khushbindar Sood at [email protected] or (714) 480-6582. 

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Testimonials From Our Supporters
Cielo Chavarria,
OC Human Relations Student Board Member & FVHS Baron Bridge Builders Leader
Lorena Moreno (Principal) & Jose Lara (VP) of Dale Jr. High School
Supporters of OC Human Relations

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