BRIDGES Team Receives a “Partners in Educational Excellence” award from the OC Region 17 of the Association of California School Administrators for their work in the Anaheim Union High School District!

BRIDGES Team (L-R) Aurea Martinez, Gagandeep Kaur Mann-Saechao, April Van Ligten, Julie Vue, Marco Ortega

In 2020 our BRIDGES School Team received a Partners In Education Award from the Association Of California School Administrators for their efforts in Anaheim Union High School District. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic the formal award presentation could not be held.

The team recently met at AUHSD to receive the award (as well as some much appreciate goodies!). The photos that follow are from the presentation.

“Once again, on behalf of our AUHSD Board of Trustees and Superintendent Matsuda, congratulations on this honor and award of 2020 ACSA Region 17 Partner in Educational Excellence! Thank you for all you do for our AUHSD scholars, families, staff and community members, as well as your service all over Orange County.”

Congratulations to all our BRIDGES & Restorative Justice Team members! Learn more about BRIDGES program.