Meet Our Volunteers and Interns

Beverly Campbell – Retired Business Owner

“Working as a volunteer has enriched my life.  I learn the ‘inside story’ of many different industries, and I find the work interesting and challenging.  When you go to the court you never know what sort of challenge you will face that day.  I have met many interesting individuals and situations.  I particularly enjoy the web of relationships that we find, and it is very satisfying to see that sometimes our clients are at peace with the outcome.  It is a good chance to make a positive difference in this world.”

Susan Juby

“I began my OCHR journey when my Irvine Valley College Paralegal professor suggested mediation. As I move currently to a higher level of Family mediation training, I am extremely grateful, first to my professor for her suggestion, but also to the permanent OCHRC staff who have added to my knowledge in dispute resolution and gently guided me to grow under their tutelage and their wise experience. Any prospective volunteers, OC Human Relations is a great learning ground. Any prospective donors, resolution of disputes brings peace, cordiality, and respect to our Orange County private and business communities. I encourage you to volunteer and to donate. You will not regret it.”

Ed Klopfenstein – Retired

“So while I have learned a lot about mediation skills and court procedures through my training and service, the more important things are what I have learned about myself and the personal growth I have experienced. I have particularly enjoyed working with the OCHRC team. We have fun doing what we do and that makes it a pleasure for me to serve. (This experience has been) the most challenging, yet most rewarding experience of any volunteer activity I have undertaken.”

Julea Love – Mediator

“During a career transition, I walked into One Stop Irvine and signed up for the Managing Conflict Workshop, presented by OC Human Relations.   Overall, my intern/volunteer experience has sharpened my life’s vision.  I absolutely love mediating and plan to be doing it in some form for the rest of my days!  Mediation skills greatly enhance personal and professional development in any stage of life.  I’m so appreciative of the OC Human Relations staff for the exceptional mediation training and services they provide.” 

Krista Morales – LMU Student

“Volunteering at OC Human Relations felt like a family…people make the effort to talk to you. I always felt included and valued. I also felt like I was always doing something of substance, things that actually mattered…I was given the opportunity to do research, be creative, and get to know what OC Human Relations is all about. I was able to work with caring and passionate staff members that made me reflect on what I as an individual can do to help my community.”

John Morrison – Mediator

OCHR is a very solid non-profit organization that has been around for a long time providing valuable, no-cost dispute resolution and other services to a large number of people in Orange County. Any support you can provide to them will be put to good use. If you would like to join in as a volunteer (and learn a lot and expand your skills in the process), they will welcome you and provide you with excellent training and opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the community. The training and experience I’ve received from HRC has been a major factor in enabling me to open my own divorce mediation practice. It is very satisfying to be able to help people in the community who are in the midst of a major conflict like a divorce.

Victor Pham – Attorney and Mediator

“Working with other volunteers has helped develop my teamwork skills and demonstrated to me how collaborative brainstorming can be very effective in solving complicated problems.  I will remember my volunteer experience with great fondness because of the shared experiences and the friendships created while in the program.  My volunteer experience has been instrumental in helping me nurture a greater sense of compassion, empathy, and gratitude.  I would recommend the program to others because of the quality of instruction and guidance from the staff mediators, the variety of experiences, and the volunteer community.” 

Lorene Vance – Retired Retail Clerk

“I first learned about HRC from a flyer that was left at the Paralegal School I was attending.  My experience as a mediator has changed my life.  I started with HRC as I was beginning my retired life, after 30 years of Retail Clerk experience.  I was looking for some way to make a “contribution” to society.  I feel very grateful for the opportunity to help others and continue learning about the law in both Small Claims and Family Court.  The best thing I could say about the skills I have learned as a mediator is that I use these skills on a daily basis.  The best skill I have learned is the fine art of getting control of the ‘screamer’ in the group–you know–that person who has to talk louder than anyone else.  You simply lower your voice, and pretty soon the ‘screamer’ will start to lower his/her voice too.  It takes some practice, but it really works.”

Mallory Yumol  – Student, UCLA School of Law

“To anyone in college, just graduating college, or generally intimidated by the thought of mediating: I would highly recommend volunteering with OC Human Relations. I was the youngest in my training and was unsure that I’d be capable of being an effective mediator, but the staff and veteran volunteers provide you with so much support and feedback that you will feel prepared to conduct mediation sessions. Plus, people are just so grateful that you’re there to help and listen to them that you simply volunteering is enough to make a positive difference in the community”

If you’d like to become part of our volunteer team, click here to complete our volunteer application form.