Human Relations’ Ambassadors Graduate

“HRAP was what made my senior year so amazing! The program helped me grow as a person and an activist and gave me the chance to really use my voice for things that matter to me. I also made many deep connections with the other human relations ambassadors who were there and will have memories to last me a lifetime.”

Recently the 2018 Human Relations Associate Program (HRAP) cohorts celebrated the completion of their year-long HRAP internship.  HRAP is designed to provide advanced human relations training and skills to a diverse cross section of Orange County youths who are committed to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Ambassadors further the mission of OC Human Relations by serving as youth representatives of the agency in their communities and at events as participants, presenters, or facilitators.

While we are proud of all of the HRAP grads, there are a two whose contributions we’d particularly like to recognize:

Linn Tang, has been president of the Huntington Beach High School BRIDGES program for the past two years and graduates this year. Linn has recently won a lot of recognition including the Violence Prevention Coalition of OC (VPCOC)’s Ambassador of Peace Award and her school’s prestigious 2018 Most Distinguished Oiler Award. She completed the HRAP program for a 2nd time this academic school year because she said she wanted to take it for a second time to learn more about human relations and to meet new student leaders from around OC.

Jordan Vogel, this year’s Huntington Beach High School BRIDGES vice-president (and president of the GSA club as well as an ASB member),  also won the VPCOC Ambassador’s of Peace Award recently.

The 2018 HRAP Grads:

Ashley Carlos
Garden Grove High School
Bikrum Sawhney
Fairmont Preparatory Academy
Carson Taylor
Huntington Beach High School
Cielo Chavarria
Fountain Valley High School
Eme Burns-Stickney
Huntington Beach High School
Francine Tan
Fountain Valley High School
Isabel (Chavela) Delgado
Western High School
Jazmin Martinez
Western High School
Jesse Payton
Garden Grove High School
Jordan Vogel
Huntington Beach High School
Kevin Jimenez
Valley Park High School
Linn Tang
Huntington Beach High School
Lynn Hyerin
Crean Lutheran High School
Paola Velazquez
Garden Grove High School
Raj Sawhney
Fairmont Preparatory Academy
Vianne Vicente
Western High School
Victoria (Tien) Tran
Fountain Valley High School

“I am so glad that I have able to work with you for the past 2 years in tons of different human relations things. Organizations like Bridges and OCHR show students like myself that positive change is possible in this ridiculous world.”


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