OCHR Mediators’ Website Entrance


Login Required For Website Access

The OCHR Mediators’ Website requires a username and password for access. Please contact your Case Coordinator to receive a username and password.

Receiving An Error Message?

If you are receiving the following Google 404 error (instead of a Google Sign In page) after clicking the button above, your browser is logged into a Google account which doesn’t have proper access:

One of the following steps is recommended to access the website:

A. Browse in Google Chrome as a Guest

B. Close all browser windows, then use Incognito mode in Google Chrome

C. Use a different web browser where you haven’t logged into a Google account

D. Sign out of Google and choose “Use another account”

E. Delete your cookies

After completing one of the steps above, you can return here and click the OCHR Mediator’s Website button (below) to try again!

Note: This OCHR Mediators’ Website Access page can be accessed directly by typing in the URL: Mediators.OCHumanRelations.org