Mediation Services

Community Mediation

OC Human Relations provides free mediation services (for up to 8 hours) to Orange County residents upon request. Residents usually learn about our services by searching the web or being referred by another agency in the county. When contacted, OCHR staff will perform a brief intake with the initiating party to explain what mediation is (and isn’t!) so the person can decide if OCHR’s mediation services could be helpful in their unique situation. If the initiating party is interested in trying mediation, they must provide OCHR with the contact information for the other party involved in the dispute so that OCHR can perform a similar intake with them to see if they are interested in mediation. Mediation is always a voluntary process and OCHR can only proceed with convening a mediation when both parties have agreed that they would like to try to resolve their dispute through the process of mediation.

Court Mediation

Utilizing funding made available through the Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA), OC Human Relations identifies, trains, and supervises community volunteers to provide mediation services to parties who are involved in court disputes at the North, West, and Lamoreaux Justice Centers of the OC Superior Courts. OC Human Relations has been providing mediation services in the OC Superior Courts for over 20 years where staff and volunteer mediators mediate over 1200 disputes annually. These services are offered free of charge (for up to 8 hours) and can be scheduled in advance of or on the day of the court hearing. 

Who Are the Mediators?

OC Human Relations relies on the support of volunteer mediators to be able to provide these no cost mediation services to the public. In order to effectively coordinate the training of new mediators while ensuring that each case is provided with a competent, experienced mediator, OC Human Relations utilizes a co-mediation model where two mediators are assigned to each case. All mediators complete a DRPA-approved mediation training before being eligible to volunteer in the mediation program and each case will have at least one mediator who has completed our rigorous Lead Mediator Certification process. While the minimum number of mediations required to become a Lead Mediator is 12, many of OC Human Relations mediators have completed more than 100 mediations.

To Learn More About Mediation or to Get Started:

Contact our staff at (714) 480-6575 or email [email protected]

Thank you for considering the opportunity that mediation offers for resolving conflict in a peaceful and respectful manner.

Opportunities to be Trained and Gain Experience as a Mediator:

If you think you may be interested in training to become a mediator or to volunteer in our program, you can find out more at:
>Learn more about our Basic Mediation Training.
>Learn more about our Divorce Mediation Training.
>Learn more about Volunteering or Interning with the Dispute Resolution Program

For general questions about mediation or mediator training:

Contact Kathy Shimizu at 714-480-6581 or email: [email protected]