Report A Hate Crime

Have you been the victim of a hate crime in Orange County, CA? OC Human Relations would like to know.

Call our Confidential Hotline 714-480-6570 or submit your report below.

When you call 714-480-6570 during business hours, you will speak to a live person, not a recording. That person will listen to your case and either refer you to a specialized hate crime victim assistance coordinator or take your contact information and you will receive a call by the next business day by someone who can assist you further. If you call after business hours, please leave a message and you will be contacted the next business day.

Why Call and Report?

OC Human Relations is a member of the Orange County Hate Crime Network.  This collaborative is home to many organizations that have numerous resources to assist victims of hate crimes. In order to be able to help you, we need to know what happened in your case.  Calls are confidential and can be anonymous if you choose.  We’re here to be of service to you.

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Victim Advocate:

To speak directly to a victim advocate, call OC Human Relations at 714-480-6570  or
CSP Victim Assistance Programs at (949) 975-0244.

Obtain more information from OC Human Relations:

Please contact Don Han via email or by phone 714-480-6576.

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