An update on staff at OCHR

The past few months have seen new roles and new hires.  Here’s a brief summary of the staffing changes.

Changes in Roles:

  • Wesley Acker is now serving as a Restorative Practices Specialist. Wes was formally a Court Mediator.   Wesley does not have a phone number as he will be spending the majority of his time in the field.  He can be contacted via email at [email protected].
  • Marco Ortega has moved from his previous position of Bilingual Office Assistant to that of Court Mediator. Marco’s phone number remains 714-480-6575 and his email address is [email protected]

New Hires:

  • Irma Zamora has just joined the organization as the new Bilingual Office Assistant. Her phone number is 714-480-6593 with an email address of [email protected]
  • Mayte Benitez recently joined staff as a Restorative Practices Specialist, her phone number is 714-480-6581; email [email protected].
  • Maggie Lauder came onboard within the last month or so, as a Restorative Practices Specialist. Maggie’s phone number is 714-480-6578 with an email of [email protected].  The Restorative Practices team now includes Coordinator Kathy Shimizu, Seema Shah, Wesley, Mayte and Maggie.
  • Rebecca Perezchica has recently joined the organization as Bookkeeper. Rebecca may be reached at 714-480-6583 or [email protected].

A big welcome to the new staff members and congratulations to Marco & Wesley on their new positions.  To learn more about the staff of OC Human Relations please visit our staff bio’s page.

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