Summary of Commission Activities, May 2017

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MISSION: Seek out the causes of tension and conflict, discrimination and intolerance, and eliminate those causes


Monthly Summary of Activities: May 2017

Police‐Community Relations
Police Community Reconciliation Program: A total of four cases were mediated this month. The following police departments received our mediation services: OC Sherriff’s Department (Aliso Viejo & San Clemente), Anaheim Police Department, and Westminster Police Department.

Sherriff’s Interfaith Council: On 5/11 Commission Director participated OC Sheriff’s Interfaith Advisory Council focused on the topic of faith and immigration.

Intergroup Relations
Hate Free OC Campaign

  • On 5/2 staff conducted organizational outreach at Demolishing Fear –Building Community event at Fish Interfaith Center at Chapman University
  • On 5/15 Commission staff responded to a hate crime report from OCSD.
  • On 5/18 staff attended as a panelist at the FaCT Annual Conference 2017: Connect, Align, Collaborate. It also tabled to distribute organizations services and promoted Hate Free OC campaign to about 300 participants.
  • On 5/22 Hate crime presentation to 40+ Latino residents at St Margaret’s Episcopal Church in San Juan Capistrano.

Community Outreach & Presentations:

  • On 5/12 Commission staff attended California Association Human Relations Organizations (CAHRO) quarterly meeting at LAHRC office.
  • On 5/12 Staff attended the Muslin Latino Collaborative Dialogue at the Islamic Society of Orange County.
  • On 5/16 Commission Director met with Families and Communities Together (FaCT) to discuss opportunities for partnership in areas of police community relations.
  • On 5/24 Commission staff attended the Anaheim Police Department SwearͲin Ceremony.
  • On 5/24 Staff attended Women’s for OC presenter ACLU on homelessness and police oversight policy.

Commission Director One-on-Ones:

  • On 5/2 Commission Director conducted orientation for Commissioner Kim Toan Do.

Community Building and Training

Sherriff’s Academy Training: On 5/10 Commission staff conducted diversity training for 48 recruits.

OCC Club Community Building: On 5/16 Commission staff facilitated dialogue at OCC between Planned Parenthood Club and OCC administration staff.