Adriana Cortes Luna, Human Relations Specialist, (714-480-6571) has been involved with the agency since 2003 as a student promoting BRIDGES campaigns at Loara High School.  Adriana works with students, parents, teachers and administrators in high schools across Orange County to improve school climate and make safe, inclusive and equitable schools for all. She has worked in the Washington, D.C. where she directed national conferences and training programs across the country. She was also recently based in Beverly Hills, California where she managed and set up campaigns for women’s rights in Florida, Oregon, New Mexico and California. Adriana has co-chaired the alumni board for Young People For a project of People For The American Way based in Washington, D.C. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from California State University, Fullerton.

Alison Edwards 2Alison Lehmann Edwards, CEO, (714-480-6573) has been involved with the organization since 1998. She served as program director for the BRIDGES program and then Deputy Director of the organization before becoming CEO in late 2017.   Alison has a passion for leadership and has served as a leadership trainer and speaker.  Alison earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Ethnic Studies and American Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder and earned her Masters of Arts in Cultural Studies from Claremont Graduate University. The fundamental framework of OC Human Relations’ Community Building, Mediation, and BRIDGES programs are empowerment strategies rooted in grass roots organizing, diverse leadership development, and creative conflict resolution.

Antonio BenitezHuman Relations Specialist, (714-480-6586) grew up in the Oak View neighborhood of Huntington Beach, CA and graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Latin American Studies.While in college, Antonio became aware of his agency and advocated for social justice issues through his involvement in student groups MEChA de SDSU and UFW San Diego Support Committee. Upon moving back to Orange County, Antonio worked as a substitute teacher for several years and as a student advisor for a local non-profit after school program. He believes strongly in empowering youth as positive agents of change by raising their awareness through culturally relevant education and training. Antonio continues to work with the residents and youth of Oak View, a culturally rich neighborhood that’s historically been underrepresented, by helping them advocate for issues like ethnic studies, renter’s rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. 

barbara huntBarbara HuntAssistant Director of Partnerships, (714-480-6574) joined the OC Human Relations’ staff in 1996 after serving as a volunteer. She worked on the Dispute Resolution Program for 5 years as a mediator and mediation trainer and created the Common Ground Community Program. She then moved to the Community Building Team as a Senior Human Relations Specialist dealing with issues involving community conflict intervention, human relations awareness training and education, and worked with residents throughout the county to empower grassroots leaders and develop diverse leaders. She has served in her current position as Development Director since 2007.  Her journalism background led her to OC Human Relations where she was able to have a more hands-on approach to creating a safer, more inclusive and respectful community where everyone has a voice. 

Chelsea Stephens, Restorative Justice Specialist, (714-480-6570) is working on implementing restorative justice practices at Ball Junior High, working with administration, teachers, and students alike. One aspect of this is helping teachers use restorative circles as a way of communicating with students and parents. For over 5 years Chelsea volunteered for a juvenile diversion program founded on the principles of restorative justice in San Diego. Chelsea is a graduate of Arizona State University with a master’s in Sociology. Her bachelor’s degrees are in Political Science and Spanish from San Diego State University.  

Don HanDon Han, Senior Human Relations Specialist, (714-480-6576) has been with OCHRC since 2001. He is the manager of the Police Community Reconciliation Program.  This program works in collaboration with the OC Sheriff’s Department to address low-level complaints against OC Sheriff’s personnel.  The program has also been utilized by city police agencies across Orange County as a way to enhance Police Community Relations. Don responds to reported hate crimes and hate incidents in the county and coordinates the release of the annual hate crime report. He earned a Sociology Degree from Cal State Fullerton in 2001 and is a former Human Relations Commissioner for the City of Santa Ana.  He is a Certified Mediator and speaks Lao and Thai.  

Edgar MedinaEdgar Medina, Community Capacity Building Coordinator, (714-480-6577)  has been with OC Human Relations for more than 10 years. He coordinated and conducts the Parent Leadership Institute and designs community building models for organizational interventions as well as community/parent leadership curriculums. Edgar is fluent in Spanish and has a heart for empowering the disenfranchised residents in the community. He provides support for community-police dialogues, researches funding for community building initiatives that support the empowerment, and provides technical assistance to various neighborhood groups. He earned his degree in Political Science from the University San Cristobal de Huamanga in Peru and has a degree to practice law there. He did his post graduate studies at the National Institute of Public Administration in Madrid, Spain, and earned a Master’s in Public Administration from California State University, Fullerton.

Irma Zamora, Bilingual Office Assistant, (714-480-6593)  is an Orange County native, born and raised in Santa Ana. She graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Spanish and a Certificate for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies. Throughout college, she focused her work on Latinx issues, helping to create the Latin American and Latinx Studies program at Amherst. She interned with OCHR as a Community Building Intern focusing on the Hate Crime report.  She loved the work the organization does so much that she decided to come back to join the team! Joyce SanchezJoyce SanchezHuman Relations Specialist, (714-480-6580)  has been working for OC Human Relations since June, 2009. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from California State University, Fullerton in 2008.  From 2009 to 2012, Joyce worked as a mediator with our Dispute Resolution Program providing mediation services to the community and at court.  She has also worked with youth, engaging and motivating high school students through our Skills for Success program to improve their grades and work toward a higher education. Currently, Joyce works on the Community Building Team empowering low-income residents to increase their civic engagement and building bridges between them and service providers. Her focus is on Police Community Dialogues to build better working relationships between police officers and residents.  In addition, Joyce teaches five classes per year at the Sheriff’s Academy on culture sensitivity.

Julie Vue, Program Director, BRIDGES and Restorative Schools Program (714-480-6596) graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minors in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Civic & Community Engagement. Prior to becoming Program Director, Julie was as a member of the BRIDGES Program team working with students, parents, teachers and administrators in high schools across Orange County to improve school climate and make safe, inclusive and equitable schools for all. She has also worked with opportunity youth in various capacity to build necessary social and job-readiness skills to prepare for the workforce and post-secondary education. Julie has a strong interest in community building and youth empowerment for gender, sex, race, ethnicity, and class justice.

Karla Estudillo Trujillo, Human Relations Specialist, (714-480-6579)  graduated from UCLA where she majored in International Development Studies and double minored in Latin American Studies and Anthropology. As an undergraduate, she focused on organizations that promoted health equity, community empowerment, education accessibility, community service, and cultural celebration. After graduation, she spent a year in Medellín, Colombia where she served at Fundación Viento Fresco as the Community Relations Intern aiming to empower families in an under-resourced, high-violence, low-income barrio through child care and nutrition, adult parenting classes and counseling, youth activity and education outreach, and streamlining of sanitation systems. Karla’s role at OC Human Relations is to work as the Community Building Initiative Lead in the ABC neighborhood in the effort to reduce crime, a community which she feels mirrors her own upbringing as the proud daughter of Mexican-born immigrants. She is committed to empowering others and taking action to better the social determinants of health within communities through community-led efforts, outreach, and education. She is also devoted to  increasing education access, immigrant rights, environmental preservation, ethical consumerism, and social justice. 

Kathy ShimizuKathy Shimizu, Restorative Practices Coordinator, (714-480-6581) has been involved in conflict resolution and advocacy Since January 2000. In 2007, Kathy received her Master’s Degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building from California State University, Dominquez Hills. In addition, Kathy has participated in multiple mediation-specific trainings focusing on facilitative mediation skills, divorce mediation skills, and court-connected family mediation skills. Kathy also received training as a Relationship Enhancement trainer for the National Institute for Relationship Enhancement (NIRE) and has been trained in domestic violence and child advocacy. Kathy has convened and mediated hundreds of mediation cases in a variety of settings including divorce and other family matters, small claims, unlawful detainer, civil harassment, community neighbor-neighbor disputes, juvenile victim-offender, and employee relations. A credentialed teacher prior to becoming a mediator, Kathy has utilized her teaching expertise to develop trainings in the areas of child advocacy, basic mediation, communication skills, civil harassment mediation, and divorce mediation. Most recently, Kathy has developed and implemented an extensive in-court practicum designed to provide mediators with real-life opportunities to refine skills in a structured, mentored setting.

Khushbindar Kaur Sood, Director of Development, (714-480-6582) joined OCHR in 2017 and has worked with non-profit organizations in Southern California for 17 years. She works closely with the CEO and is responsible for fund development and communications. She is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), has direct hands-on experiences in health and human service programs, facilitated and lead collaborations and worked within a grant-making foundation. Khushbindar’s passion is in working with diverse groups and building capacity and infrastructure within non-profits. She earned the Bachelor of Science in Human Services from California State University of Fullerton and attended San Diego State University for a Master’s in Public Health Degree.

Maggie LauderRestorative Practices Specialist, (714-480-6578) , has been involved with OC Human Relations since 2011 as a BRIDGES site coordinator.  Before coming to the organization, she taught high school for 12 years in the areas of ethics and social justice.  As a restorative practices specialist, Maggie’s work focuses on working alongside school communities to support the planning, implementation and support of restorative techniques to build stronger, engaged and connected campuses throughout OC.  She earned her B.A. from Loyola University Chicago in Women’s Studies and a M.A. from Loyola Marymount University in Theological Studies.

Marco Ortega, Court and Community Mediator, (714-480-6575) is a graduate from the University of California, Irvine where he majored in Criminology, Law and Society and minored in Conflict Resolution. Marco received his mediation training at UCI and then proceeded to intern in the Dispute Resolution Program with OC Human Relations. Marco worked as an Office Assistant with OC Human Relations prior to becoming a Mediator. Marco has received training to handle small claims, civil harassment, unlawful detainer and divorce cases and also has crisis intervention training. He formerly interned with the CSP Juvenile Diversion Program where he assisted in giving first time juvenile offenders alternative punishments to going through the legal system within the Anaheim, Irvine, and Huntington Beach police departments. He has successfully mediated a wide variety of conflicts in both English and Spanish including disputes between neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, and strangers.

Norma Lopez, Commission Director, (714-480-6594) joined the OC Human Relations team in late 2014 and became Commission Director in 2016.  She serves as executive support staff to the Human Relations Commission and leads the Community Building Team.  Mrs. López has found that her purpose is unremittingly rooted in the idea that one must “help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”.  Consequently, Norma was able to find purpose as she took a leap into the realm of community organizing, social justice, and leadership development by joining the Peace Corps after completing her undergrad work.  Through this journey, she discovered an unending source of fearlessness that has allowed her to follow the path less traveled both professionally and personally.  Mrs. López is passionate about bolstering emergent change agents and is stimulated by building meaningful relationships that have enriched and expanded her worldview.  Norma is bilingual and bicultural with Salvadoran cultural roots.  She earned a Bachelor’s in International Studies from University of La Verne and a Master’s in Public Administration from Baruch College – The City University of New York (CUNY).

Peko GomisPeko GomisSenior Community and Court Mediator and Intern & Volunteer Liaison, (714-480-6584) was born and raised in Senegal, West Africa.  Peko graduated from University Caen, Normandy, France, with a BA in Languages with a concentration in English and Spanish.  Peko attended the Basic Mediation training in April 1998 at OC Human Relations and volunteered hundreds of hours before joining the staff in December 2001.  While working with OC Human Relations, Peko has mediated over one thousand cases in court and community settings in a period of ten years.  For more than five years, he has been a co-trainer of OC Human Relations’ Basic Mediation Program, which is a 40-hour training that teaches new mediators how to mediate conflicts in the community and in court. Peko is fluent in Spanish, French, Mandjacque, Wolof, Diola, Mandingue, and Creole.

Sara Babadi (2)Sara Babadi-Sharif, Human Relations Specialist, is a member of the Dispute Resolution team. Sara deals with court and community mediation, and also conducts mediation certification trainings. Sara became involved with OCHR because she enjoys bringing people together, and believes it is important to give back to the communities in Orange County. Sara was raised in Orange County, and attended the University of California, Irvine, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Passionate about the law, Sara attended Whittier Law School where she received her Juris Doctor. Sara has practiced law for over four years with experience in Civil and Business Litigation, Family Law, Bankruptcy and Transactional matters. Sara is also very involved with community organizations such as Laura’s House where she assists victims of domestic violence. In addition to her legal background, Sara has experience in various leadership roles including a background in banking and management, as well as leading non-proit organizations and large student organizations.

Seema ShahRestorative Practices Specialist, (714-480-6578) , has been associated with OC Human Relations for over 20 years. She first became involved as a student in the BRIDGES School Program.  Seema has been on staff since 2001 working with Orange County students and school communities on anti-bias, anti-oppression and restorative justice practices. Seema’s work focuses on working alongside school communities to support the planning, implementation and support of restorative techniques to build stronger, engaged and connected campuses throughout Orange County.

Sheri WingateSheri WingateOffice Manager, (714-480-6587) has been with OC Human Relations since 2005.  Sheri is responsible for preparation of staff payroll and other staff related reports; management of the agency benefit packages (which includes Workers Comp, health insurance, Flexible Spending and a 401k plan); QuickBooks accounting tasks (check writing and deposits); maintaining office operations including equipment and facility issues; ordering supplies; preparing reports, letters and memos; and, database support and supervision of the Office Technician.  She frequently acts as a liaison between OC Human Relations and our neighboring County agencies.  Sheri has an AA in Human Services, along with certificates in Purchasing and Office Administration, and has worked almost exclusively in the Office Manager/Administrator capacity throughout her work life in both the non-profit and private sectors.

Wesley Acker, Restorative Practices Specialist, (714-480-6593) graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in International Relations. Having spent over 15 years teaching at university level, he became interested in mediation while living in Virginia, and became certified in Facilitative Mediation by the State of Virginia in 2011 (civil and family cases). After moving back to Southern California, he became involved with OCHR because he quickly recognized their commitment to the facilitative approach. He mediates civil, family and community cases, in English and Spanish. Wesley has been a natural teacher/trainer from early on, and was part of OCHR’s Mediation Training Team before taking on the role of Restorative Practices Specialist. He will continue to use his extensive teaching experience in his new position.

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